The Wavy Wavy Bridge

At the 2013 Baltimore Regional NCTM Meeting, I gave a presentation on Picturing Functions and Functions of Pictures. In the description of my presentation I’d promised to show how to use Sketchpad to create special effects, so when it came time to prepare, I figured I needed to deliver on my promise.

So I wrote a blog post and created this YouTube video as my movie trailer, containing a number of special effects made with Sketchpad. During the presentation itself I showed how to create the Wavy Bridge special effect. Teachers who came to the presentation liked the special effect and wanted to know how to create it themselves. I showed them, they were surprised at how easy it was, and I realized that my YouTube movie trailer needed a behind-the-scenes supplement. I finally got around to recording the how-to video, and here it is. (You can use the Pause button to follow along, constructing your own special effect as you watch.)

The video speaks for itself, so there’s not much more to say except that if you enjoy creating the Wavy Bridge, you may also enjoy creating the Swirly Road, available as a free activity from the Dynamic Number project.

In my next post I’ll show the brand new Graph Dancer activities that premiered during the same presentation.


About Scott Steketee

Scott Steketee taught secondary math and computer science in Philadelphia for 18 years and received the district's Teacher of Excellence award. Since 1992 he has worked on Sketchpad software, curriculum, and professional development for Key Curriculum Press and KCP Technologies. He also teaches Secondary Math Methods in the graduate teacher education program at the University of Pennsylvania.
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