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Edtech Tools are NOT Just for Students

I wanted to share a couple experiences I had in the last two weeks that have reminded me that even adults can benefit from dynamic mathematics software that we typically only associate with students learning math. My experiences relate to … Continue reading

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Monopoly Math

Scan the headlines and you’ll see a stream of stories about educational technology: 1 to 1 iPads, teacher blogs, the flipped classroom… the electronic beat goes on. I’m not pining for the silky feel of chalk on my fingertips, but … Continue reading

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Cross-Curricular Teaching of Data and Probability

We here at Key really love our TinkerPlots software. And we’re always talking about the power of using it cross-curricularly—using data to enhance understanding of, say, science or social science topics, as well as using these contexts to motivate the … Continue reading

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How Low Can You Go?

I heard a great radio interview on NPR this week with Tim Storms, who holds the Guinness Book of Records for the lowest note sung by a human. He sang a few low notes for the interview—so low that my … Continue reading

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Data Visualization in the Age of HTML5


My partner and I spend a fair amount of time talking about data visualization. He’s a computer programmer who works on websites that gather and display large amounts of data related to energy production and consumption. This data can be … Continue reading

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Students WANT to Learn Math

I had the honor of being part of the annual Super Saturday STEM Expo in New York City last Saturday at the Harlem Armory in Harlem, NY.  This event was presented by School Community District 5, Abyssinian Development Corporation, and Morningside … Continue reading

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Preparing Tomorrow’s Data Scientists Through Data Games

According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, “Big Data’s Problem: Little Talent,” the technology industry faces a major dearth of employees with strong data analysis skills. The article quotes a 2011 study by McKinsey: A significant constraint on realizing … Continue reading

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Saying YES to thinking – Math Problem Solving and Teacher Response

In a recent post, prior to NCSM and NCTM 2012 in Philadelphia, I talked about the Ignite presentations that were going on at NCSM. Andres Marti has been furiously editing away and has started posting the videos of the presentations … Continue reading

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Exploring Conic Sections with Sketchpad


As a student, I didn’t place conic sections on my list of favorite high school topics. The standard textbook treatment of the ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola seemed uninspired. There were messy algebraic equations with multiple square roots. There was lots of … Continue reading

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Some Suggestions for Math Technology Professional Development

I have been really focused on math technology professional development lately, which makes sense of course, since that’s what I do for a living. But after last week’s NCSM and NCTM conferences (see Karen Coe’s recent post), where professional development … Continue reading

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