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What Does Rowing Have to Do with Teaching Mathematics?

Harry congratulates a rower after sweeping Yale for his last time.
Harry Parker died this summer, two weeks after coaching the Harvard rowing team to yet another sweep of all four races (varsity, JV, freshmen, and spares) against Yale and two days after accompanying his 1980 … Continue Reading ››

Taking Ownership of Mathematical Ideas

Of the many reasons that I chose to major in mathematics, perhaps the most compelling to me was this: Mathematics is beautiful. Yes, mathematics could be practical, but it was the sheer beauty of its proofs that left me awestruck. How could I not be impressed, for example, by the elegance and ingenuity of the proof … Continue Reading ››

Exponential Harmony with Sketchpad

Last week was the fourth session of my spring Advanced Secondary Math Methods class at the University of Pennsylvania. Each year I assign a semester project in which groups of three students use lesson-study techniques—on a small scale—to create, test, refine, teach, evaluate, and document specific shared instructional products, composed of a (possibly multi-day) lesson … Continue Reading ››

Teachers—Walk a Mile in their Classroom

I was lucky enough this past week to visit some classrooms and see teachers using Sketchpad in various ways. It's been seven years since I was in the classroom myself, so for me it was like coming home. It brought back a lot of great memories, though also some reminders … Continue Reading ››

Sketchpad––Yes, It Can!

Daniel, Josephine, Karen, and Scott at Chicago NCTM
Last week I ended my fall math conference touring schedule.  It's been a fun-filled road trip—in the span of two months I've been to all three NCTM regionals in Dallas, TX, Hartford, CT, and Chicago, … Continue Reading ››

Understanding Proportional Relationships with the Proximity Data Game

In the Fall as Middle School and Algebra 1 teachers look for activities to develop students’ understandings of proportional relationships, they may turn to measuring scale diagrams or using springs. One of KCP Technologies' new online Data Games called Proximity offers a new option for teachers to help students learn … Continue Reading ››

Edtech Tools are NOT Just for Students

I wanted to share a couple experiences I had in the last two weeks that have reminded me that even adults can benefit from dynamic mathematics software that we typically only associate with students learning math. My experiences relate to TinkerPlots, but I know that the same is true of Sketchpad and Continue Reading ››

Monopoly Math

Scan the headlines and you’ll see a stream of stories about educational technology: 1 to 1 iPads, teacher blogs, the flipped classroom… the electronic beat goes on. I’m not pining for the silky feel of chalk on my fingertips, but there’s something to be said for old school games and their ability to illustrate mathematical … Continue Reading ››